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The five-star multi-select, multi-action and multi-edit Domain Manager offers easy manipulation of all generic and country code top-level domains. Register, migrate or renew more than fifty domain name extensions: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz and .us Top-Level Domains cost only £12.50 GBP per year with Angry Dog Hosting Company. Custom NS and resource records, unmetered parked/hosted TLD allowance, a domain identity shield service, etc. are just a couple of the included TLD administration features furnished by the most effective Domain Manager on the present day Top-Level Domain and web page hosting market. Secure Sockets Layer certificate registrations, installations and renewals can be done quickly, with simply a couple of mouse clicks.

Universal TLDs 1-year 2-years 10-years with Hosting
COM (Commercial) £12.50 GBP £21.58 GBP £110.91 GBP
NET (Network) £12.95 GBP £26.07 GBP £130.36 GBP £11.55 GBP
BIZ (Business) £15.67 GBP £31.33 GBP £156.66 GBP £11.09 GBP
ORG (Non-Commercial) £12.50 GBP £24.24 GBP £121.20 GBP £9.24 GBP
TV (Television) £34.68 GBP £62.84 GBP £314.20 GBP £34.68 GBP
ccTLDs (Country Code) 1-year 2-years 10-years with Hosting
EU (European Union) £12.50 GBP £20.00 GBP £100.00 GBP
CO.UK (United Kingdom) £12.50 GBP £14.50 GBP £52.50 GBP